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Journey to Bali -day two-

Holla everyone back again with me, Aiko!

Finally it’s 2017 and I just getting started this 2nd days stories of my Journey in Bali. LAST YEAR. Such an… I don’t know. I lost for words for my self.

Back again with me, that still have unfinished story about ‘how come I went to Bali alone with just 2 million rupiah only?‘. A little story, I typed this post in Japan, in my lovely warm dorm. Well, it’s warm because you have to work your *** off just to pay the heater.

Let’s get started!



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Journey to Bali -day one-

Hola back again with me Aiko.
Yeap, so much procrastinating these days. Just got ended the journey in January, and go the mood to write down the day one journey on July. Such an a**hat.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my dear boy Steven Grant Rogers! Oh gosh, you’re 98 years old.

Hm, let’s see where should I put this to a start. Okay.
If you are in Jakarta, or want to go to Jakarta for kind of a long term, and you seek for a quick escape, especially to Bali, this post of mine could be a little help cause I’m gonna pour it down all over here. All of my journey, day to day, all my stupidity, and my precious encounter.

Here I will explain my journey to Bali (Singaraja) that happened on January 2016. And this post dedicated to my newlywed friend : Suma. I love you darl, sowreyh couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I do love you! xoxo

2012-06-09 15.44.44

it was taken 4 years ago. in Sanur.

So, yeah have a nice reading. XOXOXO


the boarding section at Pasar Senen Station


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Bali. 4 tahun yang lalu.

2012-06-06 12.44.21

Mengiyat. Jarang banget pengunjung, pantainya bagus.


Sebenernya saya mempunyai tanggung jawab untuk memposting perjalanan saya kemarin ke Bali selama 4 hari. Tapi, yang namanya Aiko ngga mungkin rasanya kalau langsung ngerjain gitu aja. Yang namanya males-malesan sama nonton drama turki itu yang diduluin. *gue nonton drama turki karena ikut nyokap yak*

Jadii, ceritanya, minggu kemarin saya nekad sendirian ke Bali naik kereta *sampek ikut nyelem ke dasar selat bali* dengan modal dengkul. Hahah ngga pe’a, di balik itu semua gue harus bercucur keringat, air-mata sampe yang namanya sabar banget tiap hari ditinggal Damri, walau Damri yang butuh gue bukan sebaliknya //digiles demi mengumpulkan rupiah demi rupiah. Awalnya ngga kepikiran ke Bali, karena yang namanya liburan semester, ini anak sukaknya di rumah. Leyeh-leyeh tiduran pakek kipas angin yang pol sambil ngenet karena wifi rumah kuenceng banget.

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Journey to Bali -prolog-

Hello, everyone.
Well, I just came back from my 8 days trip to Bali. Alone. Yay!
Actually, this is my first time to write in English, so…
I’ve ever done it before, but for some story… old cheap story. So yeah.

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach

*technically I write it after my 3rd boiled egg, 5th chip, and slice of cheesecake*
*so yeah, I am a lazy rat*

Before I get done to the ‘story’ part, and tip how should do this, and how to get that, let me tell you all behind the reason why I dare to take my journey alone, and away from home, out of my comfort zone. Just to let you know me better. I hope.

What’s the Reason?

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