Hello everyone. Back with me again, and my review about my journey.
This time I would like to share you my wonderful experience one week outside my dorm.

While being in Japan is my dream, I would like to travel in this country as much as I can. I want to experienced it all. So, I decided to go to Tokyo and Nagoya for my ‘Nenmatsu Nenshi‘ or ‘ending and beginning of the year’. I wish to go to Tokyo because at first, I really wanted to go to Aoyama Theater, Shibuya. Because, in 2007 there were my favorite show who being held there and now become the main reason I learnt Japanese and my motivation to go to Japan!

The Rock Musical Bleach

Their first series that I watched was ‘Bankai Show 001‘ which held in Aoyama Theater. So I would very much visit the place just to know back days there was my favorite show there.

Here we go!

“You’re living in Yamanashi, why you’re not writing about Yamanashi?”

The question that I often being asked for. The answer is because I am not done with this beautiful city. I would like to write a lot about Yamanashi. But I guess, I put the best in the last! Because Yamanashi is the city I currently living in. So if I write about it now, the miracle and beauty still continuing to amaze me and it would be waste if I don’t make it into one story line. The end.

I went to Tokyo on 28th December by train. I bought the ticket for about 2.000 yen something. Definitely it’s more expensive than weekend ticket, but I need to go to Tokyo on the weekday, so yeah, it couldn’t be helped. But I think if you had any IC Card, you can go to Tokyo cheaper by any day. Maybe It’s about ¥1.800 for one go, while weekend ticket only costs ¥3.300 for going-and-back ticket. Although I haven’t use the IC Card for trip to Tokyo. From here on, I recommend you to buy any IC Card, because it’s easier to pay any train tickets, buses, or even convenient store. But if you wanna use it for some bus fares, check the bus first, or ask the driver if the bus accept IC CARD payment.

I went in the morning, for 3 hours trip until we reach Suidobashi St, because my friend wanted to go to Tokyo Dome City. It was a marvelous building, I hope I could enter there, but definitely to watch my favorite artist, or I am the artist hahah. From Suidobashi St, I took subway to Mita St. Because my Hotel is near Tamachi, and the nearest subway station is Mita St.


I took the night in JAL City Tamachi Hotel, for ¥10.000 for two persons one room, and it was a nice hotel, and marvelous design. The bathroom was wonderful, finally I could soak myself inside the bathtub, and gettin’ a nice bed. That’s all.

In the next day, I decided to go to Odaiba. We met the other friends, who came from the same university in Indonesia in front of Gundam Statue. I took the metro, the train above the ground from Shibaura-futo St. to Odaiba St. It was marvelous scenery that I got from inside the metro, and I couldn’t take any photo, because my hands barely caught anything because the metro was so full of people.

The Gundam Statue was so big, but not as big as I expected.


Then I continued my journey in Tokyo to the biggest pop-culture event of that day;


It was in Tokyo Big Sight that held for 3 days straight from 29th to 31st. I came only on 29th because in the night I had to headed to Nagoya. It was awesome! I saw a lot of people cosplaying, and I met some people who were they said those people are just only myths like NEET, OTAKU, and some cross-gender cosplayer. Even I met some homosexuals, which I never really see in my daily basis.


The Comiket was bigger than I expected. My legs hurt because I thought it just in one conventional hall, and I was wrong. The whole Tokyo Big Sight was the Comiket. And I saw someone cosplaying my favorite Aizen Sousuke. Wish I could take picture with him, but the crowd brought me fast so the man disappeared from my sight in a blink of an eyesight.

It was wonderful Comiket, until we tired and hungry. So we decided to heading to Asakusa for some halal Ramen. It was my first halal Ramen. It’s tough to get any delicious Ramen without pork in Yamanashi. It wasn’t that cheap, for me. But since it’s my first ramen, I don’t know how much people usually pay for a bowl of ramen. But, compare to the Udon I’ve eaten before, it was too expensive. I could spent about only ¥700 for a bowl of udon, a pair of tempura, and an egg. But what did I get in the ramen store just a big bowl of Ramen with chicken thigh, and a plate of karaage. Despite the price, it was delicious, and worth to eat. ^^


Although we went to Shibuya after dinner in Asakusa, I didn’t manage to go to the Aoyama Theater. Because it was end of the year, and people (especially couples) just went outside their home, and fulfill Shibuya with their presence! So it was so crowded, and impossible for me to go to Aoyama Theater with my friends. Since I was the only on who wanted to get there.

Shibuya was so amazing, for a countryside people like me. In Yamanashi you had to cycle your bicycle for half an hour to another city just for getting to a small used book store. And in Shibuya, it was within reach by walk, and you get a big department, with not just only used book, but also DVDs, figures, and another goods (even doujinshi).
I did really wanted to buy my favorite musical show; Tenimyu; More Than Limit. But my money is limited. So yeah, another time.

After spending the half of the night in Shibuya, I went to Shinjuku, because the bus which would bring me to Nagoya, depart from Shinjuku Bus Terminal. It was cold, and the 4th floor room crowded with peoples! Peoples are sitting everywhere, so I just get a bench near the door. Automatic door. So it would open if someone happened to across them, and it was night. So yeah. Cold.

The ticket bus was ¥7.000 something. Because it was a night bus, I prohibited from opened the curtain, because it might be disturb the other passengers. In my case, I cannot traveling far away, if I didn’t see outside the window. So yeah, it was so difficult for me to closed my eyes.

Arrived in Nagoya in the morning. Early morning, it was 05:40 a.m. heading directly to friend’s dorm, for sleeping until noon.

Nagoya would have been wonderful, if it wasn’t end of the year, because yeah, people. They were everywhere. So I couldn’t enjoy my solemn holiday. I just went to my favorite (not really my favorite, but yeah, he’s okay) stage actor’s alma mater; Nagoya Shiritsu Tomida High School. It was fine dusk; the sky was orange, and it was near by station. So, it was so romantic scenery I got.


And I have a new favorite food!

It was chicken wing (tebasaki), from the store called ‘FURAIBO‘ (風来坊)
Since I don’t like spicy things, I recommended you the sweet one or ‘amakuchi‘. It was delicious, and so little of it. So don’t hold your self for buying more.

In the next day, I went to Nagoya-Jou, Tokugawa-en, and they were all closed due the end of the year.
So instead, I spent the night in the heart of Nagoya, away froim Osu → Sakae → Nagoya. I recommended Osu for shopping pleasure, and you can found a halal store named ‘Halal-ya‘ and near of it there was and India-Nepal Restauran called INPAL. I love India Curry in Japan! Hahah. Because I dunno about the real curry in India. So yeah, here’s the best. And it wast cost about ¥1.500 and you come come with full stomach!


In Sakae it was wonderful night. Just near the tower, you’ll find a big store called ‘Don-Quixote‘ (donki-hote). Here in Yamanashi, it was my favorite kind of store because no tax! So it’s cheaper for daily supply shopping (no vegetables though) and there was a skating area in OASIS 21i Center, and above of it was a good place to see Nagoya night view. It was nice!

I am looking forwrad to go to Nagoya again, for coming to Mutsuna, Nagoya Port, and Asuke.

From my Tourism Class Teacher, Asuke is best for travleing in autumn. So yeah, here’s our reccomend. I do really wanted to visit Asuke, but I don’t know whether I am still in Japan for the next autumn, or not.

And here’s my breakdown for Tokyo (2d2n) and Nagoya (2n2d)

1. Yamanashi – Tokyo (by local train) ¥2.400
2. Tokyo – Nagoya (night bus) ¥7.000
3. Card for Tokyo ¥5.000
4. Nagoya – Kofu (daylight bus) ¥4.200
TOTAL: ¥18.600

1. Convenience Stores in Tokyo (about) ¥1.000
2. Convenience Stores in Nagoya (about) ¥1.500
3. Family Restaurant ¥2.000
4. Kare-ya ¥1.500
5. Halal Ramen ¥1.500
TOTAL: ¥7.500

1. Hotel in Tokyo (for one) ¥5.000″
TOTAL: ¥5.000

OVERALL BUDGET: ¥31.100 or may be actually you can only spent ¥30.000 if you just eat from convenience store.

That’s all my report. See you later in my next journey!!

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