Holla everyone back again with me, Aiko!

Finally it’s 2017 and I just getting started this 2nd days stories of my Journey in Bali. LAST YEAR. Such an… I don’t know. I lost for words for my self.

Back again with me, that still have unfinished story about ‘how come I went to Bali alone with just 2 million rupiah only?‘. A little story, I typed this post in Japan, in my lovely warm dorm. Well, it’s warm because you have to work your *** off just to pay the heater.

Let’s get started!



It was the day two, and I was resting in my hotel at 3 a.m. Before I finally lay down on the bed and gettin’ sleep. It turned out I was woke up at 8 in the morning, while my train leave at 9 a.m. I wished that I could get in to station by 7 a.m. But it wasn’t. A special thanks to the lady who worked to cooks there and woke me up by knocking my door for breakfast.

I took a quick shower (sorry, Indonesian habit; a morning bath) and get on my breakfast, then leave as quickly as I can. Because it was a bright morning, and station just about 5 minutes away from my hotel, I walked and a little bit running. I just realized my hotel was so close to Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Monument) I wish I could go there, but my train leaving in about 30 minutes later, so I quickly headed to the Gubeng Station.

Because Mutiara Timur Siang was a business class train, I was given a special waiting room. With a convenient store inside and music flows trough the speaker. It was awesome!! A little bit higher class than the usual waiting room that I always get.


The train arrived at 8:45 in the morning, and I boarded quickly, just to find my seat just by the window! My favorite. I dunno, but as far as my little research through this journey, I found the head stations–the one that comes out from their posts to ‘waving the train goodbye’ as the train passes their stations–most of them are named ‘Andri‘. I don’t know, but it’s kinda unique.


he was a handsome man 😛

The train leaving, and my journey continues.

It was a nice 6 hours journey in a business class, and I arrived on 4 p.m. At first I was confused how to get to Ketapang Port from Banyuwangi St. Some pedicap grandpa offers me to took their pedicap, to the port. But I think I just rely on my Google Map. Aaand, it turned that Ketapang Port wasn’t that far. It is litterally 10 minutes away by my lazy walking. And here I was!


It was only costs about IDR 6.000 (about 0.45 USD) to get on the boat from Ketapang – Gilimanuk and vice versa. So yeah, it wasn’t that expensive. So far I spent about IDR 450.000 (36 USD) on my one trip day. As for one plane ticket it costed about 600.000 IDR that time. Wonder now, I dunno. It took 30 minutes or more in the ferry. And there’s 1 hour different time zone from West Part of Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya) to Middle Part of Indonesia (Bali, Borneo, NTB) so it was 5 and almost 6 p.m when I touched Bali island.


reminds me of Shinkai Makoto’s ‘Byosoku 5 cm’

If you’re leaving to another side of Bali (northern or southern) from Gilimanuk port, I suggest you make a discuss first with your hotel, to pick you up in the port. I think it’s better to costs more for your hotel, than to pay a ‘mysterious’ people who offers transportation that you wouldn’t know where they might be bring you up. Be careful always for not getting fraud.

In my case, my friend picked me up in the port by her motorcycle. It took 2 hours from Gilimanuk to Kaliasem–my hostel. And here, I will begin my review towards my 4 days hostel.



I found this hostel in Traveloka.com. It offered me about IDR 120.000 / night. It costed me IDR 480.000 for 4 days stay. It was really nice hostel. It might not be modern, but it surrounded by nature. Even though located in the middle of housing complex, Santika Bed & Breakfast gave me something else more than a housing complex.

I think Santika B&B has a unique concept of hostel. It has 3 little house, and one big 6 peoples room, and two other rooms. If I am not wrong. I took the cheapest one, so I got one bed in the main bed room. And it has an outdoor restaurant. An only out door restaurant. It offers you breakfast by choice. Warm, and delicious. My favorite is banana crepes, with honey. And fruits. And a glass of warm sweet tea in the morning.


My favorite part, is they have a pair of dog; YIN and YANG. They are Kintamanian Dog, an authentic kind of dog from Bali. They were so nice, although they barked a lot. But they didn’t bite anybody, and so friendly especially when you call their name, they’ll come to you and sit by your feet. That’s my favorite part in the morning.


The ladies in the hotel were so friendly. They offered me something I might need. But yeah, I just need a good rest. They also accompanied me when they are working in the kitchen, and I just sitting in the dinner table, and we had a nice conversation.

Although the bathroom is just only one for the main bedroom, it was nice. We know how to take turns to using it. Actually I was a little bit shocked, because the bathroom was semi-outdoor, and I could see the sky above my head if I stood under the shower. But yeah, thank god I thought there were no one who were peeking on me.

When I arrived at 9 p.m they still welcome me friendly. I got foot message, and nice herbal tea. It was good for my who just got 2 days trip from Jakarta to Bali. It was so tired.

So, I just slept my self in my little bed, and thinking about what would I do in the next day in Bali.

Well, see you in the next day post!

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