Holla minna-san!
Aiko de gozaimasu.
I decided to make this post in english cause currently I am a lot thinking and speaking (especially cursing) in English. So yeap. I would be inappropriate if I mixed it with my Indonesian (too often). Beside my Bali’s postings, I’ll take this one in English too.

It’s almost August, and the anxiety within me grows bigger. Buuut, it would be mean that it’s almost for me to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to my loveliest men in the world; Dada, Dida, and Sebby~! Actually Dada and Sebby share the same birthday, tho they’re not sharing the handsomeness. So sad. But Dada still ok with those white hair on his chin.

Back with me, and my insomnia. And still head-over-heels towards Sebastian Stan, James Buchanan Barnes, and kind like that (especially my sweet-cupcake TJ Hammond) Yeap. and this time also, I am about to write about that man who was born in Romania nearly 34 years ago.

“Oh gosh, sorry not sowreyh. But I am madly in love with that beautiful creature who’s coming from the other side of the earth called Romania”

Yah, and this time is about his newest movie,…. aside from Captain America Civil War. Who knows about the title above?



I just watched it, and surprisingly entertaining me! So much. Especially that god-gymnastic-man Lance Tucker… he’s a jerk tho, but he’s appeal sooo much pleasing to my eyes.

Let’s get down to this.
Hm, always. Beware of spoilers.
I didn’t mean it, but sometimes I just didn’t realized it.

The Bronze, directed by Bryan Buckley is a sport-comedy 2016 movie. About Hope Annabelle Greggory (Melissa Rauch), who won the 3rd place even she was injured during the tournament in Rome in 2004. Several years later she doing nothing but stealing money from her dad and getting free-stuffs because she’s a national hero. The letter from the deceased previous coach of her, make Hope coaching a new-rising star; Maggie. But Lance Tucker (Sebastian Stan); the gold-medalist gymnast doubt her could bring the town-soon-to-be-new-national-hero to the gold medal. So Hope trying her best to bring Maggie to her dream; gold medal, with the same time, her title as town-hero-got-everything-free will soon be decline.

I’ve been holding my breath since the movie started, because I knew that Sebby would appear in his sweatpants, and… I don’t wanna faint out from it. So, holding breath is the best choice.


The first scenes, were already entertaining me. The life of Hope Ann like it said, such antihero. She was the bronze medalist, but ain’t like an idealistic national hero; she gets everything free by asking, and getting high by drugs. Oh! And eats a lot of calories–like no other typical girls.

Her dad, oh god wow. He’s so patient. By the way, Hope Ann’s father’s name is Stan Greggory. So we can call him–even Hope call him–Stanny. Remembering me towards Sebby. Ahahaha.

And then, here comes Sebastian Stan, and I can’t stop squealing in my chair, holding my screams. His appearance was exactly my favorite! Short hair, no beard (because for me, only Chris Evans who allowed to has it), fierce looking-jerk… I don’t like that tho but still I’m digging the way he moves. I couldn’t stop smiling.

My favorite scene was Hope Ann and Ben‘s first date. Sooo romantic. Hope someone could do that for me.

Despite all of that, only one warning that I’ve been waiting to write in my review; the bed-scene is soooooooo displeasing to me eyes. I could give it 4 stars out f 5–cause I love the way Hope Ann’s talking, and the way she dealing with things–but only the bed-scene that I don’t really, really like. And now, I really really can’t get those scenes out of my head. It gave me goosebumps, and almost screaming in pain when I was watching that bed-scene (if I am not remembering me presence is in thin-wall-neighborhood).

AND THE MUSIC! OH I love the music inside this movie. So much rap, kinky to me. But nice. But still I hate that bed scene. So much. It’s not because Sebby with Melissa Rauch, but it was the way they’re moving. Aaargh.

Oh, and there’s one thing. Sebby as Lance Tucker is a coach for another gymnast beside Maggie; …….. I forgot her name, and wikipedia didn’t give me any clue. So yeah, a girl. Also a gymnast. And Lance here, way, way, way tooooo many hugs her. But honestly, she didn’t appear that much in this movie, not more than Maggie did. But SHE GOT SEBBY’S HUGS!! AND I AM DEFINITELY WILL SIGN IN THAT ROLE IF THERE’S ANY OF IT AGAIN, NO MATTER IT IS A MINOR ROLE, IT’S JUST TO GET SEBBY’S HUGS!  

“About…. what??? 10 secs more, hugging, melting on those abs? Sign me in!”
“Even tho he’s a jerk……… role,”

I gave it 4 stars out of 5. DESPITE THE BED-SCENE. Period.

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