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Yeap, so much procrastinating these days. Just got ended the journey in January, and go the mood to write down the day one journey on July. Such an a**hat.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my dear boy Steven Grant Rogers! Oh gosh, you’re 98 years old.

Hm, let’s see where should I put this to a start. Okay.
If you are in Jakarta, or want to go to Jakarta for kind of a long term, and you seek for a quick escape, especially to Bali, this post of mine could be a little help cause I’m gonna pour it down all over here. All of my journey, day to day, all my stupidity, and my precious encounter.

Here I will explain my journey to Bali (Singaraja) that happened on January 2016. And this post dedicated to my newlywed friend : Suma. I love you darl, sowreyh couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I do love you! xoxo

2012-06-09 15.44.44

it was taken 4 years ago. in Sanur.

So, yeah have a nice reading. XOXOXO


the boarding section at Pasar Senen Station


They said "we need fears, so we could do brave things with it".

I wrote that on my mother’s phone (because I only have note, and it was too big to bring on the journey, so I swap my phone with my Ma’s. Hers smaller) once when I’m sitting on the train ‘Gayabaru Malam‘ that would bring me to Surabaya’s Gubeng Station–my first stop.

So let’s begin with the simple background of these stories, while the most of it told in previous post. I went to Bali with my part-time salary as a Japanese Teacher, I book my train ticket to Bali, throughout 2 station Gubeng Surabaya (SGU) and Banyuwangi Baru – Banyuwangi (BW).

Why did I choose Pasar Senen Station (PSE) instead Gambir Station (GMR)?

Basic explanations can be seen here >> Kereta Api Indonesia Website.

Technically, there’s 2 main stations where train to other province stops. It’s Pasar Senen Station and Gambir Station. And as far as I know, It’s matter of economy. I’m broke. Not literally broke, maybe just frugal and my salary cannot afforded me to get on Business Train. So I chose Pasar Senen Station, because all economy class trains are there. And if you wanna afford something little bit high, get on Gambir Station. Here’s the rub:

  • Pasar Senen (PSE) ⇌ Gubeng (SGU) : Gayabaru Malam | IDR 110.000 (cheapest) as per January 2016
  • Pasar Senen (PSE) ⇌ Gubeng (SGU) : Jayabaya | IDR 250.000 (most expensive) as per 2016
  • Gambir (GMR) ⇌ Gubeng (SGU) : Bangun Karta | IDR 375.000 (cheapest) as per 2016
  • Gambir (GMR) ⇌ Gubeng (SGU) : Bima | IDR 495.000 (most expensive) as per 2016

Yes, the cheapest.

Why I chose Gubeng instead Pasar Turi?

Still the cheapest thing. And efficiency.

  • Pasar Senen (PSE) ⇌ Gubeng (SGU) : Gayabaru Malam | IDR 110.000 (cheapest) as per January 2016
  • Pasar Senen (PSE) ⇌ Pasar Turi (SBI) : Kertajaya | IDR 165.000 (cheapest) as per 2016
  • Pasar Senen (PSE) ⇌ Pasar Turi (SBI) : Gumarang | IDR 465.000 (most expensive) as per 2016

But, anyhow, Kertajaya train is faster than Gayabaru Malam. Here, I’ll explain the route.

Kertajaya (PSE ⇌ SBI) estimated travel time 14:00 – 01:23 (11 hours)
Gayabaru Malam (PSE ⇌ SGU) estimated travel time 10:30 – 01:25 (13 hours)

Believe me, Gayabaru spent more than 13 hours.

So if you chose Kertajaya, you’ll get the North Coast Route, which means faster, and less station to get stop. While taking Gayabaru Malam, you’ll take the Northern Coast Route until Cirebon’s area, and then going south, and then firstly stops in Purwokerto Station as Southern Station, and then continue to Jogjakarta and have a long rest in Lempuyanagan Station for about half-hour, and continuing the journey trough MadiunJombangMojokerto.

In my case, I’m leaving at 10:30. Sharp. And we stops only at Jatinegara Station. And then arrived in Surabaya Gubeng around 02.00 in the morning. And still got 6 hours to wait the next train.

And then, here’s another reason:

If you want to across to Bali island smoothly, by train, you must take the train from Gubeng, because there’s direct train to Banyuwangi Baru from Gubeng. As for Pasar Turi Station, you have to go to Gubeng again. And it costs twice, not the price maybe, but the time and the effort. So, better get on the train to Gubeng (SGU).


That was my explanations.

And let’s continue to the second explanation: SURABAYA ⇌ BANYUWANGI.


but please, don’t expect too much. All I got only a peaceful seat after a tiring day Jakarta ⇌ Surabaya.

Let’s begin.

So there’s 3 options, for you my lovely readers to get to Banyuwangi Baru Station from Gubeng Station; Mutiara Timur Siang, Sri Tanjung, and Mutiara Timur Malam trains. I took Mutiara Timur Siang.
Let me explain: TIME. and CHEAP TOO. Not soo cheap for such distance for Jakarta ⇌ Surabaya with only Surabaya ⇌ Banyuwangi. But, nailed it. Worth it.


  • Mutiara Timur Siang (09:00 – 15:30) | IDR 100.000 (as per January 2016)
  • Sri Tanjung (15:30 – 21:15) | IDR 94.000
  • Mutiara Timur Malam (22:00 – 04:35) | IDR 100.000 – 250.000

There’s two trains that I recommended so far: Mutiara Timur Siang and Mutiara Timur Malam. But, why did I choose Mutiara Timur Siang?

I would arrive at 2 in the morning in Surabaya on the next day after my departing day. So I think, I would not waste my time, so I took the fastest train that leaving Surabaya after my arrival. And it’s Mutiara Timur Siang which leaves on 09:00 in the morning (first train to Banyuwangi), and still I must wait around 6 hours. And it has other benefit for me to chose Mutiara Timur Siang, because it was not too late dark, when I will arrive in the Ketapang Port (Banyuwangi) so I can still sail in the daylight, and take the transportation to Singaraja, so I could arrive in the hotel (my case is hostel) at night, and have a really good rest.

While Sri Tanjung train is economy class train, and Mutiara Timur Malam was too late for me.

But, I do recommended Mutiara Timur Malam, if you wanted to stay in Surabaya for a day, and continuing your journey to Banyuwangi in the night, so you can get on the ship in the early morning, and longer time to have a day trip in Bali. But of course, it’s more expensive than Mutiara Timur Siang. Later I’ll make you the itinerary for using Mutiara Timur Malam train. If I do remember -heheh-

So that’s basic explanation of the transportation that I was getting on to reached Bali. Train basically. Hostel, ship boarding fee, and anything else I’ll explain it down below.

So here’s the Main Story of Day One.


I was leaving on the train *nowplaying: Chantal Kreviazuk – Leaving on a Jet Plane* at 10:30 in Pasar Senen Station. I’m living in Tangerang, about half-hour from Soekarno Hatta Airport (that’s basically Tangerang’s Airport, not Jakarta’s Airport). I’m leaving on 08:00 in the morning to the station, with my brother’s carrier and the small bag of my camera. I was arrived on 10:00, directly to the boarding pass section, and wait in the train. It was fine morning, and train was quite full of people. I chose the seat next to a window. By the way, you can chose your own seat in the booking link of KAI ticket. KAI stands for Kereta Api Indonesia.

I lied to my parents that I’ll have my journey with my friends. Actually, I did it alone. Not to try at home please, especially you’re under 20 years old.

It was long, long, loooong journey. So I recommended you to bring music player, and some books, because I am easily bored. AND the most important thing, you bring your neck-pillow. It helps a lot. AND FOODS. Don’t forget those marvelous creations from nature please, because FOODS helps a lot.

P.S. There were 2 electrical source in the train, so don’t worry for charging something. 

Pillows and foods are available inside the train while it’s running, but believe me it’s not worth it. You have to pay more for both of those. And I am frugal. So yeah. Better bring your own for your sake.

Bring as less as possible possessions. It’s easier for you to move around, especially me travelling alone, and overcome the possibilities for you to lost your belongings. Yeah.

Not much story could be told on the train. But I do really love train. It’s so majestic for me. Enormous thing moving on the rail, and looks amazingly handsome. For me. So basically I just stare out of the window, not much talking with the people around me, and admiring the change from Jakarta’s view which basically buildings, become rice field, and a little bit view of mountains.

When it began dark, I read a book to overcome my boring. It was Shimada Soji’s ‘Tokyo Zodiac Murder. And one book is enough for me. You should bring more if you’re a fast reader.

I was arrived in Surabaya at 02.00 in the morning.


I made my extra saving, so I planned to book a hotel for just to take a bath, dawn pray, and a little bit of a soft bed to sleep in. It was unplanned for me to book a hotel in Surabaya. So when the train reached Mojokerto’s area, I began to search cheap hotel I could afford near Gubeng Station.

I got Sparkling Backpacker which basically a simple hotel for a backpacker like me, so close from the station. Actually we can reached it by walking, but it was early morning, still dark, and I was a woman alone, so I took pedicab to reach the hotel. No reservation, just a walk-in guest. And fortunately there was still 2 rooms that I can chose. I chose the one on the 2nd floor near the stairs. The price was about IDR 240.000 something. I forgot.


this what i can afford with my IDR 240K something

Here’s my review about the room @ Backpacker Sparkling Hotel

I arrived late 2 in the morning, the receptionist still wake bright, so I asked him about vacant room. I chose the remaining 2nd floor room, while the other one on 3rd. I was no good for climbing higher cause the carrier was about 5 kg more, and it was killin’ my 152 cms figure.


There was no window at all. I was expecting there was a window. I got a broke bathroom room. The door of the bathroom was not well function, so I was took shower with an opened door, luckily there was no one inside the room with me -hahah- the toilet working tho. Oh thank god.

No water heater by the way.


The floor was sticky when I opened my shoes. Doubt it get proper treatment called moping. But the bed was okay, the TV is on, the aircon is great. Again, I must thank the God. And I got a cute warm but not so high-class breakfast with those of my IDR 240K something.

Until here, I am resting and watch some TV program. And the next day journey, I’ll write it later. And the breakdown too. My brain is digesting the ice cream I just had ate, so… yeah. No good for numbers and calculations.

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