Hola back again with me Aiko.
Yeap, so much procrastinating these days. Just got ended the journey in January, and go the mood to write down the day one journey on July. Such an a**hat.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my dear boy Steven Grant Rogers! Oh gosh, you’re 98 years old.

Hm, let’s see where should I put this to a start. Okay.
If you are in Jakarta, or want to go to Jakarta for kind of a long term, and you seek for a quick escape, especially to Bali, this post of mine could be a little help cause I’m gonna pour it down all over here. All of my journey, day to day, all my stupidity, and my precious encounter.

Here I will explain my journey to Bali (Singaraja) that happened on January 2016. And this post dedicated to my newlywed friend : Suma. I love you darl, sowreyh couldn’t attend the ceremony, but I do love you! xoxo

2012-06-09 15.44.44

it was taken 4 years ago. in Sanur.

So, yeah have a nice reading. XOXOXO


the boarding section at Pasar Senen Station


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