Hello, everyone.
Well, I just came back from my 8 days trip to Bali. Alone. Yay!
Actually, this is my first time to write in English, so…
I’ve ever done it before, but for some story… old cheap story. So yeah.

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach

*technically I write it after my 3rd boiled egg, 5th chip, and slice of cheesecake*
*so yeah, I am a lazy rat*

Before I get done to the ‘story’ part, and tip how should do this, and how to get that, let me tell you all behind the reason why I dare to take my journey alone, and away from home, out of my comfort zone. Just to let you know me better. I hope.

What’s the Reason?

I live in Tangerang for all my lifetime…. maybe until I began my life in Bandung as a college student. I love my hometown so much. All of those good and bad memories, I always share with the sunset of my city. In silence, and solemn.

Away from home, makes me a lil’ bit frustrated, cause everything seems different and I should get along with the new one, and it’s tickling my comfort zone, and makes me easily depressed. Although away from the city for a short vacation is nice, but still, I don’t like it when I missed something from this city, like missing mom and her dishes. My family, my favorite food, places that I wish to be there with Dada.

Like the time when I was away from Tangerang, to take my study in University, away from home, and everything seems difficult. But that’s life. So I began to appreciate every little thing I found in home, and remembering as far as I can, so I could find a good memory, when I miss my home so bad. Tangerang, and everything inside it.

One day, in the morning in my Interpretation Class, and it was boring *sorry sir, but I love the way you teach*, I try to make an itinerary to Bali, because I feel curious about the price of airplane ticket to the island. And it was so expensive for a part-time teacher and tour-guide like me to afford. So I made the another itinerary the one by train, and it seems cheaper for me, and I took the time to make it come true, and… voila!

Every month, I always come home from Bandung, where I study, to Tangerang. Just for a little time with fam, and satisfying my hunger for my mother’s cookings. And it takes 5 hours. And I used to it. Apparently I craved for more journey, so I made my trip to Bali by train, and it took 2 days each. So basically, I went for 4 days long journey. From and to Bali.

I always need times alone, so I can reflect my thoughts and what I’ve done. Towards me-self, people around me, my life, country…. *heheh kidding*

Besides, I have an old-friend to visit to, so Bali was my choice.

I booked the ticket to go and home together at the same time, and also booked my staying place–a hostel around 3 months before the date I set to go. And between that, I think it was not a good choice to go. I though a lot of things, in the middle of the journey. Every single thing that could harm me, or make me uneasy on the trip. So several times I think of cancelling everything, and stay in my house and do the thing I usually do.

But, it seems I was too lazy to cancelling everything, so I just got along with that and without I realized, it was the time I should leave for the journey. So I prepared everything to go.

By the time closer with the date, I am growing restless. Because home is my comfort zone, and being separated from that makes me suffocating,… I guess.

And in the end, I realize when you want to make a change in your life, it feels so depressing. Don’t want to do, go, or move. But by the time you doing it, it feels easy and… I suggest my dear fellas, go with it. Make your own journey.

This is would be dedicated to all people out there, who wanting to go to Bali, but confuse how to do, what to do, and where to go, I dedicated this writing for you. Especially, you who lived in Jakarta, and need a short escape with low budget. Go on. Make your own journey.

I will write the details of my trip to North Bali, and hope it’s helping you. Not in a short time, cause I have to go to take care everything I at least in my campus tomorrow, be patient. So see ya later!

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